Tiny House FAQ

The tiny house movement has really been taking off in the past couple years as more people are deciding to ditch their mortgage and simplify their life. There are a lot of questions we get, and we’d like to hopefully answer some of those now. Hobbitat’s tiny house FAQ will aims to cover some broad questions. If you still have a question or are interested in a Hob or Folly of your own please contact us.

Do you do tiny house trailers?

We have not built a tiny house trailers to date. We would entertain such a project but our thrust is with our Hobs and Follies. We feel that the advantages of the added width and bump outs provide a better small living environment. Unlike tiny homes on trailer, a Hobs values will be more reflective of a typical house. They do not depreciate and your vehicle does not have to be a 1 ton truck.

Do you build off grid?

We can work with you on an off grid design. We do not supply the equipment but we can help you adapt your system to our designs. Contact us for information. Our Follies can be adapted for off grid living.

Where can I get a Hob?

The short answer to this is in Garrett County, Maryland. Between various building code and transportation issues, Hobbitat has decided to keep our Hobs local. We offer building plans and consultations to anyone outside our area that would like a Hob. We can deliver a Follie which is a smaller version of a Hob most anywhere. For more information please click here Follies.

What are the advantages for a cluster of Hobs or Follies?

A cluster or “camp” of Hobs or Follies allows you to share the cost of a lot and site development (including water, septic, electric and road). A sense of community with private spaces is the best of both worlds. I remember as a child growing up on the shores of the Potomac rivers right below Harpers Ferry. We had a main building where we gathered for parties and fish fries. It is that kind of environment I would like to help you build. Our Camps and Retreats page can provide more information

How do Home Owners Association view a Hob or Folly?

Home Owners Association often have a minimum size requirement that precludes a small house. Although things are changing, its best to enquire before purchasing a lot. Our hobs are so cool, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

A Folly is considered an accessory building(appurtenant structure) and should be handled as such.

What are the financing situations for a Hob or Folly?

We are a small company and do not offer financing. Our experience to date has centered around local banks and credit unions. Since a Hob does not meet the requirements of the secondary market we encourage people to bank locally. Our Hobs are permanently installed, therefore meet the criteria to mortgage as a house.

A Follies fall under an accessory building and do not qualify as full time living. (Although you can do whatever you want with a Folly!)

Do you have a newsletter?

At this time we do not have a news letter. Follow the adventure on Facebook or pin us on Pinterest.

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