We have adopted the term “Follies” to describe what would otherwise be a junior varsity Hob. These “Follies” act as a tiny house shell that can be used as is, or upgraded as you go. The term originated in England for small buildings that were included in the landscaping of their famous English Gardens. We decided to adopt the term since it was not only fun but also descriptive of our intent.

The basic description of a Folly

A Folly is Hobbitat’s version of a tiny house shell with up to 11 feet of maximum width and 24 feet of maximum length. The exterior is made up of a single board walls and a metal roof. Inside we have exposed framing, single pane reclaimed doors and windows with recycled funky wood floors. It also includes basic electrical wiring in exposed conduit. Upgrade to a more finished look with wood walls and ceilings covering fully insulated, wired interior.

Folly For Sale


This 12’ x 18’ Tiny House Shell comes with fully insulated including thermal windows and door. The 4’ x 7’ roll-up garage window is perfect for a breeze summer getaway or a commerce stand for events. We can customize to meet your exact needs. Best of all this can be delivered and set in a day.
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Outside with the windows open. Hello summer breeze

Garden Shed

We used reclaimed Douglas Fir and yellow pine siding and antique rolled glass windows.
The 4’ reclaimed barn door comes with handmade fish hinges and and antique slide bolt latch.
The floor is locally sourced oak and black locust planks.
The cantilevered truss allows for overhead storage and a very generous from overhang.
Make a level spot and we can deliver and set this beauty in place!

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We Can Deliver These

A Folly can be used for

  • Tiny House Shell

  • Off-grid living

  • Guest Cottage

  • Weekend Cabin

  • Studio

  • Grandkids’ Bunkhouse

  • She Shack/ Man Cave

The Original Folly

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Hobbitat, Hobbitat Spaces, Tiny Houses, Small Homes, Small House Movement, Hobbitat Maryland, Tiny House Maryland, Blue Moon Rising,

Reasons to consider a Folly

Less expensive then our Hobs and just as expressive

Low building site impact

Customizable layout and design per need/usage

Follies can be designed to compliment existing structures

25% wider then a tiny house on wheels


A Folly in an undisclosed location in Paradise!

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Tiny House Shell

Our Follies can be considered a tiny house shell. The exteriors are complete and the interiors can be left as is or customized at a later date. Look at this as an easy DIY project. We can upgrade a Folly before it leaves our shop. Items such as thermal windows, more electric service, our funky lights, accent windows, storm shutters and plumbing options can be ordered a la carte.

Maximum width for a Folly is 10 feet, which is 25% wider then a tiny house on a trailer. The maximum length is 24 feet giving one of our Follies 240 sq.ft of livable space.

Outdoor Showers

Hobbitat also offers outdoor showers in combination with a Folly. It is hard to describing the feeling of taking an outdoor shower in text; so we made a video. Enjoy.


The base model as described above in the basic description in a 11’x16′ footprint starts at $15,000.

From this starting price upgrades and different finishes increase the price accordingly. For more information on prices and options please contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about a Folly.

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