Tiny House Consulting

Hobbitat stands ready to assist our customers with all aspects of developing plans for construction of your tiny home, a cluster for friends and family as well as, a larger tiny home community. We understand the importance of getting the design and layout right from the beginning. With our 35 years of experience with home design and application of that design to the property we are a great help to anyone. Our methods encompasses all aspects of the design/build process.



Tiny House Consulting

Advantages of Consultation Services

  • We know the right questions to ask to help you better understand the entire tiny home building process.
  • We have informed answers to all your tiny home questions.
  • We can walk you through the process from design to completion.
  • We will evaluate your site for best use of exposure, views, utility placement, grading, and the lowest impact on your environment.
  • We will can produce a conceptual drawing right there on the spot.
  • We can produce plans to any level you require. From buildable sketches to full blown detailed plans.
  • This amount of information is exceptional and well worth our fee.

For Individuals

A site visit to help determine layout for the Hob on your specific lot. Such considerations as

  • maximizing for solar gain
  • lot development for vehicle access
  • water, sewer, and electrical infrastructure.
  • heating/cooling options
  • suggestions for interior/exterior material finishes

An in depth discussion of the needs and goals for the client. From this a concept a plan would be developed at that time to have a starting point to help figure a budget.

A complete building plan suitable for permits could be ordered from Hobbitat if that is needed. Otherwise the concept plan can be “dressed up” to allow an experienced client to construct it themselves.

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Camps, Clusters, Communities and Corporate Retreats

We entertain all groupings of Hobs. Their energy, when placed together, is magic. Our idea of a camp or retreat calls out to families and friends to establish a place to get away. Each camp would consist of a number of Hobs situated around a central building servicing as the main gathering area. The advantage of building a camp with a group of people helps distribute the cost of the infrastructure over the number of people involved. We would offer all of the above plus.

  • establish a layout that works for both privacy and community
  • recognize specific needs and include those in site development
  • accessory buildings for gear, storage, and seasonal items
  • community amenities specific to group needs
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