At Hobbitat we strive to produce one of a kind small structures that speak to the art of the small building . To that end we want to work hand in hand with our clients to design and build what truly is their vision. The unlimited possibilities for the use of these buildings opens up the conversation as to each client’s needs. — We are here to help guide you toward that goal.  We offer so many different options and people can use these Hobs for a wide variety of uses, that a square foot price is impossible state. We give a realistic price range at the bottom of this page. We can only build 8 or so a year so we choose to concentrate on the “art” of our Hobs.

We are developing plans for those who are too far away or those who want to invest their own sweat equity into their Hob.


Initial conversations to determine how Hobbitat’s and potential client’s goals match-up. We would consider such things as:

  •  Usage of building
  •  Site considerations
  •  Local building codes
  •  Time frame of the project
  •  Budget concerns

The next step would be a meeting to hone in on design and approximate cost. This can be done via phone but if at all possible, we would encourage a visit to our facility to see our operation and view Hobs already built in our area. We can provide you accommodations to stay in one of our Hobs at Blue Moon Rising, located adjacent to Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, Maryland.

After you’ve visited, stayed in and toured our existing buildings, it will be difficult for you to wait to get your own, but this is the time when we will have to come to an agreement on moving forward with the project. At this time a design fee is determined, this fee will be applied to the last draw at delivery.

Then the work begins for us and the short wait begins for you, now we just have to schedule construction, delivery and setup on your site.

Reasons to consider Hobbitat:

1  Each Hob is built in our shop avoiding the pitfalls normally found with site built construction such as rain, snow, mud, vandalism…ah, the list goes on. Once the piers are completed the building can be set and weathertight in a day. This helps avoid the inconvenience and disturbance associated with the normal building process.

2 Using our Cocoon building style we can assure that all utilities are contained within the building envelope. Foam insulation wraps all sides of the structure sealing out cold, heat and noise.

3 Unless specified, all Hobs are built to the Maryland State building and energy codes, some of the most stringent in the country assuring a safe and energy efficient building.

4 A fully equipped Hob takes us about 6 weeks to build. The level of detail and craftsmanship don’t allow us to just bang them out. We consider them as much art as construction and that kind of commitment takes time.

5 Once the Hob arrives on site it is set on piers that are in place prior to arrival. The building is set and weathertight in a day avoiding weeks of construction noise, debris and disturbance. No more coffee cups blowing around and the churning of mud all around the house. In a matter of days life has returned to normal and you have a Hob set to go.


All of our structures arrive virtually complete. They can be set and weathertight in a single day. Once the electric and plumbing is hooked up to the onsite systems the Hob is ready to enjoy. The only major assembly will be any porches added to the building once it is set. We will provide the materials for the porches from the flooring on up and set up the wall to receive the porch rafters.


Each of our buildings have:

  • A complete structural framework, built to IRC code, with a Zip system exterior wall sheathing.
  • An enclosed floor system that rests on 6 piers, installed before the building arrives.
  • A roof system of hand cut framing or engineered trusses designed to carry a 40 lb. /sq. ft. snow load.
  • A 30 gallon electric hot water heater.
  • A 100 amp breaker panel and wiring to conform to the current code. Many outlets and light switches as per code.
  • Andersen thermal windows. Your choice of 400 or Architectural series.
  • A complete thermal cocoon of 2 lb. foam. R-38 for ceilings  R23 for side walls and R30 in the floor system.
  • A fresh air intake system with an Airetrak 1A control for indoor air quality.
  • A plumbing system that allows you to very easily drain the building and walk away for weeks or months.
  • All exhaust fans are Panasonic brand which means super quiet and efficient.

Each of Hobs are built to match the needs and aesthetic appeal of our clients. Because they can vary as to size, use, and finish as well as plumbing design and electrical requirements it is difficult to state prices.  The use of reclaimed material for finish purposes will also be a factor in pricing as it requires more man-hours to sort, de-nail and cull out material unfit for our use. The overall effect however is stunning and very satisfying.

With all the above mentioned items, materials and 6 to 7 weeks of labor in our shop the finished product is not inexpensive. Prices range from $45,000 to $100,000.


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