Outdoor Shower Season

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Ode to the Outdoor Shower

As winter dragged it’s snowy feet
Thru my acrylic shower prison
The thought of spring kept hope alive
For my outdoor shower season.

Now indoor showers are a dime a dozen.
They’re as regular as sin.
With free range air and hot water to spare
Outdoor showers are in.


Here at Hobbitat we create an outdoor shower space that transcends what regular folks know as bathing. We like to think of it as liquid medication and soap for your soul. A vertical hot tub. Away to clean your body and your mind. Moving water, natural light and free air makes it a once a day life-time experience.

Get ’em while it’s hot!


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  • Deeznuts

    Wow, that’s interesting. I would only enjoy that for about 3 months out of the year, though, here in Little Alaska (A.K.A. Deep Creek).

  • Brian

    These outdoor showers are a great concept. C’mon now, even in western MD weather these are cool. Nice video too

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