Hobbitat's Founders

Hobbitat’s Founders

 The Story of Hobbitat

Hobbitat was started in January of 2012 by Bill and SueThomas after working 30 years in the historic restoration and custom home business.  His company, Blue Sky Ventures, was featured in Country Living Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post and he won an award from the Maryland Historic Trust for the complete restoration of an early 1700’s house in Frederick County, Maryland

In 1995 they decided to “head west” to the mountains of Garrett County in western Maryland.  They settled at Deep Creek Lake and opened up for business in 1995.

For the next 15 years Blue Sky Ventures thrived designing and building homes as unique as their clients, answering their wants and needs as well as optimizing space and efficiency.  With the change in the housing market came a change in their focus of building.  They shank the size of the “house” and moved the construction process inside.  (Not a bad idea given that Garrett County boasts of winters with 200+ inches of snow)!

In 2011 the first little building was built using materials from Bill’s grandfather’s barn, windows from his childhood cabin and other reclaimed doors and materials. The hook was set; they had found their new calling.

In 2012 the founder of Blue Moon Rising looked at our Hob and loved it! With an order of 13 Hobs, we were off and running. We found an abandoned warehouse and shop and commenced building. Two years later Blue Moon Risings vacation retreat was open for business.

Fast forward to the present Hobbitat is ready for you to help write our next chapter!

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