A “Hob” is our version of a small house. These small houses range from 225 sqft to 750 sqft with a number of different styles and layouts. They all include everything you would find in a larger home, such as, a full kitchen, full bath, main level bedroom, and a loft.

For Garrett County, Maryland

In order to eliminate all the bureaucratic nightmares of meeting various building codes and transportation issues Hobbitat has decided to keep our work local to the Garrett Country, Maryland area. This insures a true turnkey operation completely under our control. All of our Hobs are built for Garrett County are fully inspected to meet all current codes for the state of Maryland, some of the most comprehensive in the country.


If you are out of our area please see our Follies and Plans/Consultation page.

Md Garrett County

Uses for Hobs

  • Full Time Living

  • Vacation Home

  • Guest Cottage

  • In-Law Suit

  • Rental Unit

  • Starter Home

Reasons to consider a Hob:

Each Hob is built in our shop avoiding the pitfalls normally found with site built construction such as rain, snow, mud and MOLD!

Using our cocoon building style we can assure that all utilities are contained within the building envelop. Foam insulation wraps all sides of the structure sealing out cold, heat and noise.

All Hobs built to the Maryland state building and energy codes, some of the most stringent in the country.

Each of our Hobs are designed to be drained down making them worry free during the winter months.

Once the Hob arrives on site it is set on piers that are in place prior to arrival. The building is set and weathertight in a day.

Makes a great starter home that can later be turned into a guest house.


Each of our buildings has:

  • A complete structural framework, built to IRC code

  • An enclosed floor system that rests on piers, installed before the building arrives.

  • A roof system of hand cut framing or engineered trusses designed to carry a 40 lb./sq.ft. snow load.

  • A 30 gallon electric hot water heater.

  • A 100 amp breaker panel and wiring to conform to the current code. Many outlet and light switches as per code.

  • Andersen thermal windows. Your choice of 400 or Architectural series.

  • A fresh air intake system with an Airetrak 1A control for indoor air quality.

  • A plumbing system that allows you to very easily drain the building and walk away for weeks or months.

  • All exhaust fans are Panasonic brand which means super quiet and efficient.

Our Craftsmanship and Artistic Touches are Second to None

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Hobbitat, Hobbitat Spaces, Tiny Houses, Small Homes, Small House Movement, Hobbitat Maryland, Tiny House Maryland, Blue Moon Rising,


Our small houses (Hobs) start at $85,000 and go up from there depending on size and finish. Each of our Hobs are built to the needs and aesthetic appeal of our clients. For more information on pricing please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss more options and prices.

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